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At Experience Laboratory, we hold that true learning and change only happen through experiences with others.  Indeed, we’ve all come to know what we know, and act how we act, by virtue of our life experiences.  As children, we can play soccer or sing in the choir; be class president or class clown; do as we’re told or chart our own path.  As we try out different ways of being, we get feedback from the world, and settle into patterns of behaviors and beliefs that stay with us for the rest of our lives.

As adults, we have precious few opportunities to experiment and explore, play pretend or dress-up, re-invent ourselves or re-think why we do what we do.  Paradoxically, we may obsess about such things—reading self-help books, coming up with plans, making lists, and daydreaming alternative lives for ourselves—but somehow things don’t change.  At Experience Laboratory, we believe this is because we only change with others, embedded in relationships and social systems.


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